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Costa Rica Immersion

June 15 - 30, 2022
What is a Yoga Coach?

A Yoga Coach is a certified yoga instructor who teaches “wellness based yoga”.  This 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program is for those who wish to pursue a career in wellness-based yoga or for certified teachers looking to deepen their knowledge, personal practice, personal growth and teaching skills.  


As a Certified Yoga Coach you will learn how to

Guide safe, creative and effective asana classes anchored in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy.

Teach themed pranayama (breath work) and meditation that align with your Ayurvedic and TCM sequencing.

Administer and guide your clients with both Ayurvedic and 5 Elements Theory Balancing Consultations. 

Effectively and inspirationally weave traditional  yoga philosophy into your asana classes.



What is Wellness Based Yoga?

Wellness Based Yoga is an asana (physical yoga class), taught with the infusion of personal development anchored in western psychology, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine; which contains the elements of an effective asana class: movement, breath work (pranayama), hasta mudras (had positions) and meditation.  The class style is considered Hatha; however vinyasa philosophy and restorative postures and sequencing are included.


Module One | Get Ready! 

  • Modern Movement Meets Vedic Philosophy
  • Introduction to Ayurveda & The 5 Element Theory from TCM
  • Introduction To The 7 Bodies Method
  • Class Observation & Sequence Familiarity 

Module Two | The Foundation

  • Yoga History & Philosophy 
  • Expansion of Ayurveda, The 5 Elements Theory & Vedic Philosophy 
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Personal Development

Module Three | Let's Get Physical

  • Asana Lab of over 108 postures
  • Themed sequences for hatha, vinyasa, restorative & gentle yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga)

Module Four | The Business of Being a Yoga Coach

  • Our curated Effective Teaching Techniques & Teaching Methodology
  • Advanced theming in Ayurveda, 5 Elements and Vedic Philosophy
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How to format and guide your own workshops and retreats
What You Get


Training as set out in your “Wellness Based Yoga” curriculum (100 / 200 hour)

Your personalized “Be Well Journal”

Your Yoga Coach Training Workbook 

A one-on-one Consultation with Dr. Randi Raymond where you will learn what your dominant element is and personalized tips on how to bring well-being and balance.

Lifetime access to your online pre course modules: 60 hours of foundational material

Lifetime access to your online Yoga Coach Program material

Lifetime access to Hali Love’s Wellness Based Yoga Class Library (updated regularly) 

A $100 voucher to use on any yoga teacher program with Hali Love; you may gift this to a loved one or use it for a future program

10 workshop and retreat templates, anchored in Wellness Based Yoga

Ayurvedic and TCM Balancing Consultation Templates

Schedule & Location

530am - 730pm * at times we may end earlier or later

Playa Negra, Los Pargos, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Fly to LIR: Liberia International Airport

View accommodations at Cafe Playa Negra

View Studio at Playa Negra Yoga



December Sale:$2997 USD

Regular Price: $3397 USD


+ $1500 USD

* If you bring a friend or roommate, this will be discounted.


+ $200 USD

* Gluten free , vegetarian & protien options are available.


Upon registration, your $500 deposit is due, which is applied to your final amount.

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